Flash Fiction Friday: February 2014

On the first Friday of every month, we are all about the flash fiction. That means short little tales, usually under 1000 words. That’s a lot of story for not a lot of words.

Nothing To Be Ashamed Of by Gerri Brightwell // June 2011 Word Riot // free
A woman comes home from grocery shopping to find her alcoholic husband on the kitchen floor.

Bonnie and Clyde by Lia Mitchell // December 2013 Flash Fiction Online // free
The security guard at a bank makes a judgement during a robbery.

#578 by Foster Trecost // Nanoism // free
Too short for synopsis.

Dangling Now, in the Erotic City of Ghosts by Heather Fowler // Winter 2014 Contrary Magazine // free
In the Erotic City of Ghosts, what sorts of things might you see?


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