Winter Arrives by Roz Marshall

I[/drocap]t’s spring break in our wee corner of the world. As such, we decided to take a reading vacation to Scotland with the first novella in Roz Marshall’s White Cairns Ski School series. Which I must say, it has been some nice light reading compared to some of the other things that have hit my desk recently. That’s like it’s own vacation, really.

I love to ski, so I’m really bummed out that I missed out on the ski season this year in the US. The record-awful cold combined with burn-out from the day job meant I didn’t actually go outside very much this winter. Huge mistake, but I digress. Winter Arrives is, ultimately about skiing, even though in this novella, the ski season hasn’t started yet. Rather, Jude Winters finds herself suddenly in charge of running a ski school after her husband kind of skips town. I say kind of because he didn’t really leave, he just didn’t come back when he was supposed to. Oops.

Luckily, a handsome foreign ski instructor swoops in to help her run the business she really has no clue how to run. With his help, she manages to assemble a rag-tag team of instructors for the school just before the snow arrives. It’s very much a “the gang is all here!” entry into a multiple-protagonist storyline. It sets up a lot of promising conflict and romance for future installments. The plot of this first installment is also engaging, and resolves satisfactorily enough while still leaving enough questions to lead into the next.

Winter Arrives by Roz Marshall is the first episode in the White Cairns Ski School series and is available on Amazon, Smashwords, and the other usual suspects where you can buy ebooks.

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  1. Roz Marshall

    I’ve just noticed your review, and am so pleased you enjoyed ‘Winter Arrives’ 🙂

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