Flash Fiction Friday: March 2014

On the first Friday of every month, we are all about the flash fiction. That means short little tales, usually under 1000 words. That’s a lot of story for not a lot of words.

Zombie March by Brynn MacNabb // October 2012 Flash Fiction Online // Free
Zombies come for things that aren’t brains.

Dream with Enough Conviction by Samuel Snoeck-Brown // Issue 32 Red Fez // Free
A woman carries on a relationship with her husband’s murderer.

Hang by Rachel Angius // April 2013 Schlock Magazine // Free
Dog. Dog. Dog.

No Dog Left Behind by Elliott Garber

When I was five, my family got its first dog. We were incredibly fortunate, you see, because we got the best dog in the whole world. I know everyone says that, but I’m not lying. Our sweet, intelligent golden retriever became my best friend the moment we got him, and I have loved him fiercely every day since then. I have never cried harder than when I found out he had died. He’s been gone over a decade, but I still miss him more than you could imagine.

Because of this, I don’t like dog stories. I hate them, actually. They punch me in the gut and leave me feeling angry and sad and heartbroken because I never had the chance to say goodbye to my best friend. His absence is a hole in my heart that no other animal or person has ever been able to fill. I can’t even watch that episode of Futurama (you know the one) without bawling my eyes out. I ugly-cry every time. So when Elliott Garber’s No Dog Left Behind came across my desk, I really, really, really did not want to read it. Continue reading…