Welcome to the Museum of Torture by Yoko Ogawa

I think we’ve all be there, and anyone who says they haven’t is lying. Or maybe I am just a twisted individual who should get my head looked at. What I’m talking about, of course, is the break up gone so horribly bad that you begin fantasizing about all the horrible things that could (and should!) happen to your newly minted ex. Maybe it’s just hoping they look stupid in front of their friends. Maybe it’s that they lose something important. Maybe you have some revenge fantasy so elaborate you’ve settled on the exact number of times you will stab them in the face. (It’s six). Okay, maybe not the last one. Maybe.

Yoko Ogawa’s Welcome to the Museum of Torture is kind of about that. A woman’s boyfriend walks out after she can’t stop talking about the murder in her apartment complex. This sets in motion the events that carry the woman to a museum she’s never noticed before in town, a museum that occupies a creepy old house. It’s the Torture Museum, naturally, and the museum only displays instruments of torture that can be proven to have been used. Continue reading…

Flash Fiction Friday: March 2014

On the first Friday of every month, we are all about the flash fiction. That means short little tales, usually under 1000 words. That’s a lot of story for not a lot of words.

Zombie March by Brynn MacNabb // October 2012 Flash Fiction Online // Free
Zombies come for things that aren’t brains.

Dream with Enough Conviction by Samuel Snoeck-Brown // Issue 32 Red Fez // Free
A woman carries on a relationship with her husband’s murderer.

Hang by Rachel Angius // April 2013 Schlock Magazine // Free
Dog. Dog. Dog.